I have in recent time very often issues with my gmail account using my Mac to access it. I have no problem to log-in to my gmail account.

But most of the time and this has been particularly often in recent months, I do go through my email, delete, draft emails, intent to read my emails everything seems alright. Than a minute later or so, on the top section it says it needs to reconnect...! Because of that I cant do anything on the gmail page, including not being able to access my online google docs!

This has been especially severe on few occasions, that I did prepare a draft and few days later realized it hasnt been saved. As it had "reconnection" issue! On the same window on all the other tabs, I have no issues relating to connection / proper functioning of websites, incl. yahoo mail!

As it seems this is also not location based, as I travel alot I have faced this in several countries. I am using gmail mainly because of its major functionality with its integrated docs processing!

If you have faced similar problems and were able to solve this problems, I would very much appreciate if you could indicate your solutions!