Good Afternoon everyone,

I have CS5 on our I-macs and have managed to get my Lide scanner working through it by setting CS5 to open in 32 Bit. This works wonders under Administrator however when i log in as a network student user it doesn't work.

Is there a way i can apply this setting to Multiple users????

I am aware you could make the change for each user when they log in but as an I.T department i am after something more complex :lol:

Little bit of History:

CS5 did not show up our Lide 100 scanner even with the right Plugin which we previously used and know worked. Because the Plugin is set to run for 32 Bit rather than the 64bit which CS5 runs at, it didn't obviously work!

After checking a few other forums managed to find how to get it to run which is great but it won't work for Multiple users.

Any Advice?