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Thread: iPhoto blurry?

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    iPhoto blurry?
    Normally when you click on a photo to view, from organize to edit the is a slight pause as the photo adjusts size and then it looks like a picture.. Well IT'S NOT DOING IT!!!

    What's going on here? It's pretty random too.. 1 out of 10 times I open iPhoto it works as it should for a minute or two.. Then back to problems.

    What gives?

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    iPhoto generally doesn't show photos as sharp as they are, you usually have to view the image at 100% to see it as it is.

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    If you are seeing erratic behavior with an app, then your best bet is to do a Permissions Repair first.
    You can find this in : Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility

    Just choose your HD from the side menu in Disk Utility and select "Repair Permissions"
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    Yeah I tried that.

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    ba ba bump...

    Still doing it.. Even after I've repaired permissions, logged out, restarted and everything else I can think of..

    So..... Anyone else have any ideas?

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    You may try trashing preferences for iPhoto - were these images Photoshop'd at all? One article I saw said that might cause conflicts. The prefs are the only option I can see, unless you can reinstall iPhoto off of the restore CD

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    So it just stops showing images or what?

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    I have the same problem for such a long time, I tried it all, repai permissions and so on ... didnīt work, I do not care about that anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tel
    So it just stops showing images or what?
    No the image is there, but iPhoto stops short of bringing it into focus. All my photos look like they were taken on a camera phone and blown up 100X..

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    Yeah, its not a problem with your iPhoto, its a general iPhoto problem, it doesn't happen to all photos (I find that it happens most after I edit photos).

    For example, this is a photograph of a Dragonfly I shot in Greece. It has been processed and cropped in Photoshop CS and after Importing it into iPhoto, I opened it in a new window, maximized the window and set the photo to "fit to window." Notice how it looks very soft. If this is what the photo turned out like, I would be very disappointed.

    This is the exact same window, the only difference is that I have set the Image size to 100%. Notice how much sharper it looks, this is how the image should look.

    I've read about this problem at a few different websites. Its not a huge problem, but for photographers its a real pain in the backside, especially when we have hundreds of images to review as quick as possible and having to fiddle with settings just to see if the image came out sharp is a real turn off. The only thing I use iPhoto for is to store all of my images post-processing, this gives me a great app to view all of my 'keepers.'

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