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    Will installing iLife '11 overwrite my exciting iMovie HD?
    I meant "existing" not "exciting," lol (although iMovie HD is exciting)

    I have one of the first gen iMacs that have the Intel processor and while I have upgraded to Snow Leapord I haven't made the upgrades to the iLife suite simply because the newer "user friendly" versions didn't have the cool timeline feature and templates of the earlier iMovie HD (iMovie 6).

    From my understanding, some of the previous versions of iLife and its included iMovie update did NOT overwrite iMovie HD but I'm not sure if this is the case for iMovie 11. The reason why I don't want the older one deleted is because there are some cool templates that they didn't carry over to the newer version and also the timeline feature for more advanced users is not the same.

    Anyone who has actually upgraded their iLife suite can confirm that iMovie HD isn't affected? The idea is to have BOTH iMovie HD and iMovie 11. I realize there may be some projects I make in HD that won't open in 11 but that's ok with me. I just want to have the option.

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    I'm 99.99% sure that it won't overwrite iMovie HD but better google it to find out more to be that extra 00.01% sure.

    - Simon

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    I don't have iLife 11 but inasmuch as Apple appears to have forgotten that iMovie HD ever existed, and moved it to its own folder, I'm going to say "no."

    But of course you have backups, so who cares if you're wrong?

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    Oct 28, 2010
    Well since iMovie HD came preloaded onto my mac I'm not sure how to back it up. Anyone else who has installed who can confirm?


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    Will installing iLife '11 overwrite my existing iMovie HD?
    I just downloaded iMovie 11 from the App Store. It has replaced the precious "Time Line" that was dropped in the '08 version and requires no rendering time

    What I've done is put "iMovie HD" ('06) in its own folder called "iMovie 6" in the Applications Folder and renamed "iMovie" (the '09 version) "iMovie 09".

    That way I've kept all three versions.

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    I can affirm the above post, my dad does this because he can't get his head wrapped around iMovie 11.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McYukon View Post
    I can affirm the above post, my dad does this because he can't get his head wrapped around iMovie 11.
    Gotta concur with your dad there. Never did wrap my brain around iMovie 09. I have the current version but have only used it a little bit thus far.

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    As intuitive as Apple products are, iMovie 11 requires Pogue and Aaron Miller's "iMovie 11 and DVD" book that was essential for me to learn enuff to finish a project. iMovie 11 is a completely different animal from '06 but I needed the Pogue book for that too :-)

    '09 and '11 restored many things from '06 version and has image stabilization, color-correction and frame-cropping tools. It took me about the same amount of time to learn as iMovie HD and is worth it.

    I would wait for the paperback to come out April (which I've back-ordered) but I'm using the Kindle edition for now. It allows quick searching and book-marking but I like to have the paper copy also.

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