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    AS people's experiences may vary, I've not had a good experience with Microsoft products on the Mac. Office 2008 was my first experience and not a good one. Windows 7 via Parallels keep needing reactivation about every week or so and I've not changed any hardware or applied any Parallels updates(none to be had on V5).

    To each their preference is for activation to not be part of M$ products for Mac. It's another M$ hook into an otherwise perfect platform.

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    If you've had such bad experiences with Microsoft products on the Mac, why do you care what they do with Office since I would hope you wouldn't be purchasing it since there are alternatives?

    Personally I've had no problem with Microsoft products on my Mac whether they're MacBU products or Windows running in Fusion.

    Despite what the cool kids who like to use "M$" say, Microsoft is a decent development shop, especially the MacBU.
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    I got 2011 through my employer, for a work machine. I don't know how activation works for the consumer version, but mine went through without me having to call anyone or enter a code. Just a click-through to register, I think. I breezed right by it since I was impatient.

    (I expect I accidentally willed my corneas to Bill Gates or something, but anyway.)

    The consumer version will likely be somewhat different, but who's to say how?

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    The consumer version will likely be somewhat different, but who's to say how?
    I don't think so. If it's anything like Office 2010 for Windows, you won't even know it activated itself. However, I imagine if you were on dial up, you'd see a warning dialog of some sort.

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