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Thread: Play Itunes visuals in a seperate window

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    Play Itunes visuals in a seperate window
    I set up my ibook so that the displays don't have to be mirrored. What I do is hook it up to a T.V. and play music. I want to use my iBook screen to select songs but to use the T.V. to watch the visualizations. Is there a way to put the Visualizations in a seperate window so that I can pull this off. Thanks guys.

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    Well, I take it that I seek something that nobody else has, or ther'd be a way to do it.

    How about a way to record the visuals so I cold just play them in quicktime, it wouldn't move with the music, but it would be satisfactory.

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    This isn't quite what you want to do, but it might work for you:

    If you make a playlist with the music you want, you can double click that to open it in a new iTunes window.

    If you put that window on your primary display, and moved the second window to your TV, it should play the visuals full-screen on the second display, leaving you to manage songs on the first.

    You'd need to use the screen spanning doctor tool to change the second display from mirrored to spanning mode though, to be able to put windows on 2 seperate displays.

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    Oh man, I never knew you could open playlists in seperate windows, This'll work great, thanks.

    ...I can't beleive I never tried the old double-click.

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    but when i click the visualizations button it blacks out my 2nd screen and does the visualizations in the first. not doing what you want it to.

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    It can't be set for full screen, (the other display goes black). But if you set it to large and play with the screen setings enough you can get it pretty close.

    I had another idea, not what I was originaly trying to do, but good enough. Grab one of those many apps to play your screensaver as the desktop picture, then just keep the other screen clear.

    Now if only there was a way to play the iTunes visuals as a screensaver...

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