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    Unhappy Migration Assistant Firewire troubles
    When I connect my new iMac to my MacBook by firewire and try to use Migration Assistant. it tells me to restart my MacBook holding down the T key until I see the firewire symbol on the screen of my other Mac. When I do this, the firewire screen does not disappear and I cannot continue with the transfer.
    I need to transfer my iTunes library. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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    Moved to correct forum. Does not belong in "iOS and Apps".

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    The firewire screen will stay on the MacBook and it's drive will mount on the desktop of the iMac (make sure the iMacs Finder Prefs are set to display mounted drives...FINDER > PREFS > GENERAL > EXTERNAL DISCS). Just drag your whole iTunes folder over and put it where the one on the iMac is. When you're done, eject the MacBooks drive from the iMacs desktop (drag to the trash or right click EJECT) and reboot by holding down the power key until it shuts off, then just start it up again. When you open iTunes on the iMac everything should be there just like on the MB.

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