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    Oct 11, 2010
    Missing Address Bar
    On my wife's MacBook Pro the Safari address bar disappeared. The customizer doesn't work. Can't drag default setup to the toolbar area. It won't add.

    I already repaired disc permissions and deleted the Safari.plist file. Still nothing adds or returns the address or search spaces to the toolbar.

    This started after she mistakenly dragged the Safari icon from the dock to the trash.
    Dan Milham
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    Next thing to try is reinstalling Safari. Google "download safari".
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    Oct 11, 2010
    My wife was an update or two behind so I downloaded the latest and the prodigal address bar returned to its rightful place. Thanks for your suggestion.
    Dan Milham
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    Just a "postscript" . . .

    Dragging an icon from the Dock to, well, anywhere else, is not a source of any problem. When an icon is dragged off the Dock, it disappears, but the item it was "pointing to" remains. Simply find that item in its usual folder, and drag it back to the Dock to restore the original condition.

    You can't actually put an icon from the Dock into the Trash.

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