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    Exclamation Missing apps! Help!
    I went out of town for about a week and returned to find that some applications are now missing. Mail and Safari, to be specific (I have yet to find out if others share the same fate). They are still located on my dock, but somehow were deleted from my Apps folder. I don't have a Tiger backup to replace them. Is there some place on the net where I can retrieve these apps and has anyone else had this problem? Thank you for any help.

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    Not really...

    Are you sure they haven't just been moved to somewhere else?
    Do a spotlight search for them (i.e. press the blue spotlight icon and type in 'mail' or 'safari')

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    I don't think you can get safari rss but you can get 1.2.3

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    Did the spotlight search with no results. I also tried downloading a previous version of Safari and it wouldn't let me install. I guess Tiger is not capable of using the old versions. Thanks for the help anyway.

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    My Mail just disappeared too!!!

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    Just a long shot, but did you recently change the name of your Home folder or anything like that. Try searching for Safari in the finder search bar.

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