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Thread: My Spotlight Doesn't Work

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    Talking My Spotlight Doesn't Work
    Whenever I type something is spotlight is just stays there. Nothing happens, it does not search and if I click off it and then click back again it says no results found. Can someone tell me how to index it so it can search my hard drive so that I can be able to search or help me with this problem??

    Much Thanks, All Help Is Appreciated!!!

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    You mention MS Office, if the problem is just with MS Office it's because MS hasn't made Office scearchable by spotlight yet.
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    Open the Terminal and type in the following below:
    sudo mdutil -E /

    Then, the Terminal will prompt you to enter in your password. Afterwards, the old index will be deleted and spotlight will re-index your HD. You can tell, when spotlight is finished, when the icon in the corner stops pulsing. And then spotlight should work correctly again.

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