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Thread: iTunes 4.9 upgrade...

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    iTunes 4.9 upgrade...

    Before this upgrade, I did an awful lot of organising my music files/playlists. Somehow, when the upgrade was done with a couple of others include iPod, iPhoto & Airport softwares, all the files and playlists have gone missing in the iTunes (4.9) browser window. My iTunes browser gone completely blank now.
    Fortunately, the files are still intact in the iTunes Music folder.
    Do I really have to reorganise all of them again coz i have approx 34GB of music files, what can I do to reinstate the situation?
    ALso, I have done indexing (CTRL + I) on the music folder, still indexing...

    Anyone could help me out with this?


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    Basically iTunes likes to know where your music is, so it keeps it sorted for you (by default).

    If you choose to sort it the way you like, that's ok as well, but you need to tell iTunes a)where you put it and b)to not organize it anymore, as you'll be doing that from now.

    a) Open iTunes preference, go to the 'advanced' tab and select your music folder location.

    b)Uncheck the 'Keep iTunes music folder organized option' as well as the 'copy music to iTunes music folder' option.

    Then go to your music folder and drag it onto the library icon.

    You can then reactivate the 'copy music..' option if you like.

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