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    Document Management Software?
    Hi I've just switched over to the Mac from the PC and love it so far. I have been using an application on the PC called Digital File Cabinet that works very well for scanning and archiving paper documents, like bank statements, bills, etc. I was wondering if anyone knew of a similar application for the mac. I've done some searches on document management but haven't turned up much.



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    Scanning for documents you'll only need to use spotlight (providing you have Tiger) this will be much more efficient at finding your documents than any third part application. As for regular backing up and archiving, spend some time learning Automator, its more than capable at doing what you want.

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    Or create Smart folder?
    I suppose you use a certain filename convention to sort the scans?
    Well just create a smart folder to store them...
    You can then create an automator script to automatically take that folder (which updates itself automatically) and back it up...

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