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    Guest and X11
    I tried to download this afternoon from Apple's downloads section, and the program wouldn't run. It said that I needed to have X11 installed.

    So, naturally, having thought I already did have X11 installed, I went to the Apple download page again and downloaded X11. When I tried to install it, I was told that I wasn't going to be able to because I already had newer software on the hard drive.

    What gives? Will I be able to use and other X11 programs at all, or will they always tell me I don't have X11, meanwhile X11's installer tells me I have a more advanced copy already?

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    I did this a couple days ago. I had to install the X11 app from my #1 Tiger OS DVD. It's in an optional applications subfolder somewhere. X11 installed fine, I rebooted (old Windows habit), and installed Gimp. Didn't really like GIMP, though.

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    i think you need to delete the X11 reciepts in your library..that happened to me a lot

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    1. get your disc 1 of tiger and in the find a file called x11sdk.dmg and installed that. which you will find the x11 apllicaion is located in /applications/utility
    2. download gimp(i think gimpshop is a much better vesion)
    3. installed it and run from /applications you odnt need preopen x11 to run it

    p.s. you might awnt download fink and fink commando they are very very good packages managment

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