I just upgraded from a G3 300 to a G4 400. I won't go into the details, but part of the upgrade was moving the 80 GB hard drive I have from one system to the other. I lost a few files in the process, but luckily nothing I can't replace. That got me thinking, I really should be better about backups. Anyone have any recommendations for good backup programs? So here's the situation and what I want to do...

I have a DVD burner in the system, and would like to have a backup that consists of all my files copied onto DVD's. Then maybe once a week, run some kind of backup script and program and copy every file that's new or changed onto disk (either CD or DVD depending on how much needs backed up).

I'd prefer a free solution (is Lacie's SilverKeeper any good?) but I'm not opposed to paying if its a good program. I've heard Deja Vu and Retrospect mentioned.

Also, I'm thinking that sometime in the future I should buy a firewire drive for backups.