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    Thumbs up $10 Parallels to VM Ware 3.1 Upgrade
    Nutshell: if you have any Parallels license key from v1 through v5, VMWare will let you buy their latest greatest version of VMWare Fusion for Mac v3.1 for $10.

    Fine print: You need to include your Parallels license code when you fill out the request for the promotion. If it's a bunk key, they will back-charge you the full new purchase price (so no using someone else's Parallels code 20 times for 20 upgrades).

    I'm a big open software proponent, but with all the craziness going on at Sun/Oracle these days I decided I didn't have confidence in Virtual Box being cared for and fed properly. For a whopping $10, the upgrade to VMWare from my old Parallels 3.0 key seemed like a good choice. Have fun...

    VMware Fusion: Run Windows 7 and Chrome OS on Mac for Desktop Virtualization
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    You can also upgrade from any previous version of Fusion to Fusion 3.1.1 for $9.99. I was just there and used my license # from Fusion 1.1.1 to make the purchase.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Sounds tempting! I currently use Parallels...could be an inexpensive way to give VMware Fusion a try.

    Of course the VMware Fusion demo is free.

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    Thanks for the tip, just upgraded Fusion 2.x for the $9.99.

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