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    Disappointed with Bookmarks management in OS X and Safari.
    Hey guys,

    I am looking for some safari extension or standalone program that will let me do the simplest thing with my bookmarks but I can't find it, and I wonder how no one has come up with it yet. I want an environment where I can add images to my bookmark folders, and have an intuitive simple graphical layout that I can browse them in. I can't believe no one has come up with this, it's such a pain to browse through your bookmarks with the miniscule fonts in safari, or in any other browser for that matter.

    There has to be a way to visualise these (a rudimentary way would be opera's speed dial that safari stole), so you can quickly scan the folders for a book icon or a music icon and then scan the webpages quickly without reading them.

    I really wonder is anyone on a daily basis able to look through their bookmarks and casually scan them for anything that might catch their interest, or is it, like myself, a repository of sites that no one much browses through, I would wager the latter.

    There really need to be a paradigm shift so one can be able to more easily browse their bookmarks. As is I have tons of sites that are interesting, hidden within one subfolder of another subfolder that I keep forgetting about and can't browse. Even tags would be welcome (I know they are there in other browsers than safari) but they are not the crux of the issue.

    And heads up appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McYukon View Post
    ah fantastic, thanks I ll check it out.

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