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    Is full install of XCode necessary?
    In an attempt to use the command line to install a program from source I wanted to use the 'make' command in Unix, however, I get the message 'Command not found'. After looking around on some forums I came across the program XCode which I then downloaded.

    My question is this: do I really need to install a 2.5 GB program (XCode) in order to have compiler functionality? Is there a minimal install for those who like to only use the command line or are there any alternatives?

    I am a newbie in the Mac world after taking a 20 year break. (My last Mac was a Mac Plus. )

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    I haven't found a simpler way of getting the required compiler tools without installing Xcode. You may be out of luck here.
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    Thanks for the fast response. I guess I will have to go ahead with the full install of XCode.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Helps if you include your OS. Any chance you are using Snow Leopard? XCode v.2.3 is included, but not installed. It is necessary to go into Applications on the SL disc and run the installer.

    Xcode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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