Please help me.

I have Numbers 08 and I am trying to format 2 tables to work with each other. I am making a fantasy football draft chart template, or at least trying to. Here is what I have and what I am trying to do:

Person will be friends in playing fantasy football, player refers to NFL players.

I have two tables that are a 12 x 16 grid.
- The first table is arranged by Person(12) and Position (QB, RB, RB, WR. . .)
- The second table is arranged by Person(12) and Round(16)

Each cell will contain the name of a player.

I want to actively fill in the first table by position. I want to format the second table to "grab" the names from the first table and put them in order on the second table.

This way I can place them in the first table by position (which will not always be in order) and it will place them in order they were picked in the second table.

I hope I explained that clearly.