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    How print files in Preview to pdf from command line?
    I have a number of files. I want open them by Preview and Print them to pdf. I'm wondering if there is an automatic way to do (for example, from command line). Opening each of them manually and print them is tedious.

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    Download Cups-PDF, this mimics a real printer so we can access it with Automator.
    Install it and open Automator.
    Choose workflow, then add from the Files/Folder category "Get Specified Finder Items" add all the files you want to print by drag 'n drop or by the "Add…" button. You can add multiple files at once.
    Then in the Utilities category add "Print Finder Items", select the Cups printer for the "Print to" and click the run button.
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    You can use the lpr tool to print from the CLI. Open up Terminal and execute the following:
    lpr /path/to/file
    That will print the file from the default printer. If you want to specify a printer, execute the following to get the appropriate printer names:
    lpstat -v | awk '{ print $3; }'
    Find the printer in that list and then specify for lpr by doing the following:
    lpr -P <printer name> /path/to/file
    When inserting the printer name in this command, exclude the colon at the end.

    Take a look at the man page for lpr to see some more options (man lpr).
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