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    Create CdText information into an Audio-Cd

    I have some old compact cassettes with several recordings I make years ago that I'm putting in audio cds!
    Well, now I'd like to rename the audio tracks and the title of the audio cd so that when I put the cd in others pc, I can see the titles of the song instead of the generic "track 1" track2".....ect, and the main title of the CD near the "Unit D:" instead of the generic AUDIO CD. exactly like an original Audio cd.

    Is This possible?

    I tried to make the cd with Itunes, checking the option "include CD Text", but it only works on my macbook (it shows the titles exploring the cd unit), but not in windows....
    All I found on internet didn't help me...

    Thanks to all guys for the help!!!
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    Amadeus Pro ($40) does this.

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