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    Safari 5 custom search engine
    Is there anyway to add a custom search engine to Safari besides Google, Yahoo or Bing? I wanna use DuckDuckGo, is there like a file that I need to modify in order to add my custom engine?


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    Yes there is a way, but it requires that you install the free GLIMS first. Once GLIMS has been installed, go to Safari preferences, select the GLIMS tab. Then select the "Search Engines List". At the bottom, press the small + sign to add your custom search engine. Move it to the top. That will become the default search engine as long as GLIMS is installed.

    I forgot to add - you must also click on the GLIMS icon in the Safari search box and select your custom search engine from the drop down list so it will remain as the default.

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    The query url is as follows (in case you're not sure):
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    Thanks for the tip chscag. And thank you vansmith I was wondering what would I need to put as the query string

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