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    Question Problem with paragraphs on the bottom of page in Pages '09 (v. 4.0.3766)

    I type my masters thesis in Pages '09 (v. 4.0.3766), and recently I've found a weird problem with paragraphs when they are located on the bottom of page.

    The text lines in the same paragraph are kept together even if there is no more place on the page and some of them normally should jump on the next page.
    I tried to fix this bug by using different options in the Pagination & Break section don't help.

    Please, look at the attached screenshot to get the point.

    Thanks in advance for advices.
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    It seems like that is a paragraph issue, not pagination or break sections. Look at the Paragraph Style and see whether you have orphan and widows checked.
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    Yes, this is Orphan and Widows being prevented.

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