I'm looking to invest some money into the Logic Studio 9 software, but am really not interested in dropping $499 for the retail price. I've been browsing over ebay for a used copy, and there are a couple that pique my interest. I do have a couple of questions before I actually commit to buying any of these:

There shouldn't be any problem transferring ownership of used Mac apps, should there? I'm buying from fairly reputable sellers and don't want to run into the issue of saving a couple hundred dollars only to find out someone else is using the same key I am.

I'm also curious about the difference between 2.0 and 2.1 versions of Apple Logic 9. Obviously, the 2.1 release is newer. There's a seller on ebay now selling a 2.0 copy of Logic Studio. Does this mean I won't have access to later version upgrades?

I appreciate the help in advance!