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    How to move iPhoto photos from one computer to another?
    I have about 2,000 photos on iPhoto on my iMac (desktop computer) that I haven't exported yet. I want to move them to my MacBook (laptop computer) using my 8 gigabyte flash drive. The photos are organized on iPhoto in groups of when they were imported onto the computer (The first group, for example, is from January 10, 2007, the most recent group is from last week). How can I move them to my MacBook but still keep them in the same groups, and in order of when they were first imported? Thanks!

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    You could move the whole iPhoto library, which would keep everything as it is currently.
    Close iPhoto if open on the iMac,
    In your iMacs Pictures folder move iPhoto library to the MBs Pictures folder.
    Open iPhoto on the MB while holding down the Option key, choose the just copied iPhoto library and you should be good to go.
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