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    Apr 02, 2010
    Netflix Instant Viewing problem -- intermittent thin, black bars along bottom
    When streaming Netflix content on my Mac mini ('06 or '07, 1GB of RAM, 1.83 Core 2 Duo, wireless-g), a long, thin black bar will appear briefly in a flash, sometimes once every 10 seconds or so and other times several times every 10 seconds or so.

    I've uninstalled Firefox, Flash, and Silverlight and then reinstalled them all. This actually improved the performance to what's described above. Before reinstalling, the black bar would be flashing every 2 or 3 seconds; and even worse, a black rectangle block would also flash along the right side. The black block stopped appearing after reinstalling. Audio and video (including HD) all play fine otherwise.

    Any advice?

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    Apr 02, 2010
    I forgot to add that Hulu and Youtube 720p videos play fine with no such black areas appearing.

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    Sep 30, 2010
    Netflix/silverlight problem
    I am also having this problem while using netflix and sivlerlight. I'd like to add that it seems that the black bars only show up on areas of the screen that where not covered by the window netflix is open in. This is hard to explain in words so I'll do my best. Say for example i have a window open in safari or firefox, and this window takes up 75% of my screen. the remaining 25% of the screen has the desktop visible. After this i press the fullscreen button on netflix. While watching in netflix the 25% of the screen that was uncovered by the browser window is where the black bars flash.

    I have also tried reinstalling safari, firefox, and silverlight, and gotten no results.

    I hope this bit of information helps at all

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    Jan 15, 2011
    I figured out how to fix this intermittent black bar
    The intermittent black bar appears to be the Firefox status bar update interfering with the Silverlight plugin. To make it go away, make sure the View -> Status Bar is unchecked from the Firefox menu. Now when you go full screen using Netflix the intermittent black bar should no longer appear.

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