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    Teamspeak on a Mac?
    Okay my spouse plays D&D with college buddies on our old PC and wants a new one. They use a program called TeamSpeak. I would like to ditch the PC and go with a Mac instead. Can some on please advise me on...

    1 - Will the Linux version of TeamSpeak run on a Mac? They don't have a Mac Version.

    2- Is an iMac or a G5 better for overall gaming?

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    the powermac will be better. you can easily upgrade the video card, and of course there will be an extra processor.

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    1 - no. It could possibly be ported as an X11 app but as of this moment it has not as far as I can tell. Depending on how portable the code is this could be easy or hard.

    2 - The PowerMac is better than the iMac for gaming. Both are G5s though.

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