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    Time Machine Deletion of Previous Backup
    I'm trying to make sure that I have a complete time machine backup of my macbook pro b/c I'd like to re-format/rebuild... However, I'm out of room on my external hard drive I use for time machine...

    As such, I found link that showed how to delete previous backup date in time machine and deleted the oldest date backup...

    Question: If I did that, and also did a current backup today... Would I have EVERYTHING I need to rebuild my computer as it was?

    OR Did I delete something that I can't get back?

    Basically, I can delete the entire time machine backup series for the laptop, and do a fresh complete backup but was trying to avoid that if possible...

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks very much,


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    Welcome Mark
    As your Ext HD gets full TM will automatically delete the oldest backup you have on your Ext before putting the newest update on.
    Havnt happend to me but im sure it will ask you before hand if it does and as long as there wasnt something in the deleted backup you should be fine to do a complete reinstall of the OS with out any problems.
    then use Migration Assistant via Applications>Utilities to bring it all back over.
    Waht OS are you running ??
    If Leopard and before there is the 2 options Clean Instal or Archive and Install and if its Snow Leopard it does by default a Archive and Install. If you wnt to Clean install it you need to boot off the install goto Disk Utility Wipe the drive Close Disk Utility then it will bring you to the Installer window from where you can do a complete install of the OS

    Hope it helps some

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