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    iTunes playlist query
    Hi all,
    I think I understand the difference between a normal playlist and a smart playlist. The way I read it is that to create a normal playlist is a manual process, whereby you drag the tracks you want into that playlist. Whereas with the smart playlist, you can add rules, such that any new tracks added to your library, are automatically added to the smart playlist if they obey the rules.

    Well - I have noticed recently that if I add tracks to my library, that they are being added to normal playlists. And, they are correct.

    What am I missing here? Where have I put the rule into a normal playlist that is allowing this to happen.

    I am running iTunes version 9.2.1

    Any thoughts?


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    When you say "normal" playlists, what does that refer to? These are custom playlists that you've created where you manually add songs to it? When you add tracks to your library it should show up in your, at least, "Recently Added" smart playlist and any other smart playlists that monitor new additions..or other criteria..


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    Hi and thanks for the reply.
    I thought there were only two types of playlist?

    Smart - which one can add rules to.
    Normal (or custom, as you say) which one would make and drag tracks to.

    Yes, when I add tracks to the library, they show up in the "recently added" smart playlist and they show up in other smart playlists if they obey that smart playlist rules.

    What I am trying to say (badly) is that when I add tracks to the library, not only are they showing up in the rules controlled smart playlists but also in normal (custom) playlists.

    Example: (showing my age now)
    If I have a smart playlist which has a rule to add tracks by The Beatles - this works.
    But I may also have a normal (custom) playlist in which I have Beatles tracks which I have dragged to that playlist.
    When I add a track by The Beatles to the library, it is being added to both the smart playlist and the normal (custom) playlist.

    I don't object to iTunes doing this, but I would like to understand why.


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