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    iTunes Podcasting problems.
    I don't know where to begin... for a start I don't know if these are problems with iTunes itself, my iTunes, or the website(s) iTunes is getting the podcasts from.

    Anyways, On a lot of podcasts there will only be a few episodes that have the "Get Episode" button next to them, the rest will say "View Album" which, when pressed, does absolutely nothing. I would like to be able to download individual episodes but it doesn't let me.

    Subscribed podcasts don't seem to update properly, since I subscribed to "The Dawn and Drew Show" there have been 3 updates to the show (2 of which are on iTunes but I can't get because iTunes won't allow me to download them, I get an error message. These 2 episodes have had the "View Album" button next to them for ages and only today did they change to "Get Episode".) and the 3rd doesn't show up at all.

    Can anybody tell me what's up? And does anyone else have these problems?

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    You might have to manually subscribe to the podcast, instead of going through iTunes' podcast section to subscribe. As for the View Album buttons, I'm not sure what Apple is doing with them either, because they definitely don't do anything for me neither. Some people think that Apple is caching selected podcasts and hosting the files themselves. Yet, their system is very messed up at the moment, if they truly are doing this.

    To manually subscribe, you'll need to go to the menu in iTunes, Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast.

    Here is the feed, you'll want:

    Here's a bit more about, where I heard this problem. It's pretty much on Apple's end to fix this conundrum, if this is the case:

    On the the Dawn and Drew Show message boards, Drew is active on the message boards there and said that he is working with Apple to get things cleaned up:

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