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    Enable parental controls on an administrator account
    Basically what I want to do is limit my access to tumblr to 1 hour, and then it doesn't let me access that website until the next day. I get too distracted when using it, when I should be doing work. This is the only thing I want to limit, and I don't want to create a whole different account just to do so. Is there some way to get around this restriction? Is there an app out there that can help me do this? I don't know why Apple would make this impossible, it doesn't make sense.

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    I have not tried this program but you might take a look at Steve Lambert SelfControl it seems like it might do what you need. There are also some other programs on that page that might be useful.

    BTW I stumbled upon the reference to this program in this tip Automate an Internet content filter - Mac OS X Hints
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    the fact that you linked me to that makes you sexy. its just what i need.

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