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    Unhappy iTunes problem when choosing just one email account to sync with iphone
    Hi all. Hope you can help.

    I use Mac Entourage 2008 and I'm syncing my email accounts with my iPhone, using iTunes.

    However, I cannot ask iTunes to 'sync selected accounts' successfully. I have 5 email accounts, but I'm only interested in syncing one of them. But when I place a tickbox on that on account in the info section in iTunes and click 'apply' all other accounts are automatically selected.

    What's going on?


    iPhone 3G S
    ITunes 9.2.1 (5)

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    Moved to appropriate forum.

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    Sorry, moderator. But I can't find which other forum it has been moved to? There isn't an obvious one. Can you tell me please, - because I won't get any notifications now. Thanks.

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