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    Molecule Drawing Programs?
    I'm looking around for a program similar to ACD/Chemsketch ( for windows, except running on a Mac (preferably natively written, not ported). Right now i'm (trying) to use a program called XDrawChem, which appears to be a dodgy port of a sourceforge project. It's kludgy, very kludgy.

    EDIT: I should problably be more specific. I'm looking for something to draw 2D diagrams of molecules.

    Anyone else know anything, or I am the only one who would actually want software like this? (i know i'm a geek. shaddap :p)

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    iMol isn't quite what i'm looking for - as far as i know, it doesn't let me draw 2D diagrams, just look at 3d models (though the models look really, really nice.... screenshot time!)

    I found something else called CambridgeSoft ChemDraw - but their download process is so involuted that i've had to provide way more personal information than i like, and it didn't get me anywhere near the demo - and apparently no one likes the program anyway.

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    Great program (iMol)! and people say chemistry is not fun.

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    and people say chemistry ain't fun?

    tell them to get a load of that buckytube, and all those other cool molecules! I bet if they knew that, at the molecular level, everything is rainbow coloured, everyone would rush to look.....

    too bad there's no real 'light' at molecular level :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littleweseth

    too bad there's no real 'light' at molecular level :p
    everything's just little photons, huh?

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