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Thread: .Mac Sync Error

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    .Mac Sync Error
    Just bought the .Mac family pack, and am trying to sync my account between my PowerBook and iMac. When I am prompted for

    "Your Calenders have been reset on .Mac. Do you want to replace all calenders for devices and applications on this computer?"

    I click on Replace and it goes thru, if I click Merge I get an error stating

    .Mac Sync Error

    Invalid response received from .Mac. Could not
    complete synchronization - please try again later

    I have Googles this problem and it seems more people than just myself have been experiencing this and supposedly Apple is working on it. Any thoughts on this?
    (BTW, same thing happens with Contacts and Bookmarks)


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    .Mac can be very touchy sometimes. It could be a temporary issue on Apple's servers or you may also want to try to just resetting all the .Mac data with your computer.
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