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    Help me find an app?
    I'm looking for an iPhone app that:

    - Allows me to make a to do list
    - Seamlessly syncs with my desktop Mac without needing to be tethered
    - Ideally would have iCal or iCal-like functionality

    I've tried Evernote and fell in love with it until I found out that you couldn't really edit a to do list from an iPhone. It gives you the option of creating a new text-version of a to-do list and deletes your original. I want something where I can enter my tasks and appointments as I come across them, whether I'm at my desk or somewhere else. And I don't want to have to remember to tether my iPhone every time I go to my desk to have access to my to-dos when I'm out.

    Is there such an app?

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    Jul 16, 2010
    Doesn't exist, eh? OK.

    Funny, for all the posts and posters here, I feel like I'm just talking to myself whenever I post. Oh well.

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    Why don't you use iCal it can sync ToDos to your Mobile device AFAIK.
    Sync iCal to-do with iPhone | Productivity | Mac 911 | Macworld

    Or have a look at these, they each have a iPhone counterpart, although I don't know if they all sync both ways.
    TaskPaper ? Simple to-do list software for Mac & iPhone
    Things - task management on the Mac
    OmniFocus for Mac - Products - The Omni Group
    SimpleTask : no-frills to-do list for Mac and iPhone This one looks pretty good.

    Funny, for all the posts and posters here, I feel like I'm just talking to myself whenever I post. Oh well.
    Maybe all your questions are to hard to answer.
    Use the reputation system if a post helps you!
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    Thank you!

    My Mac doesn't "see" my iPad or iPhone, and for some reason my iPad sees my desktop. Anyway, the Appigo thing doesn't work for me, but Todo and Toodeldo seems to work, so that's good enough for me.

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