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    Unhappy Photoshop Dilema
    I've managed to convince my friend to make the "switch" after trying for quite awhile, and needless to say he's very pleased with his new iMac. There's only one issue: he's a heavy Photoshop user, and just spent $550 upgrading to Adobe Creative Suite 2 on his Windows PC. Now of course, he wants it for his iMac. Unfortunetly it states on the Adobe purchase page that the upgrade only applies to the same platform (in his case, Windows), so he'd have to pay the full $2000 if he wanted the Mac version.

    Is there a way around this? Perhaps he could trade in his Windows version for the Mac version?

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    Check with Adobe and see if he can switch his license to the iMac. If he is not going to use the PC version any more. He may have to see the media back to Adobe.
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    or he can sell the software he already has and try to make back as much of the money as he can so he can buy it again for the mac.
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    Ey3 D
    I am not sure. Maybe try what others have said, and try installing CS2 on his iMac. This worked for me a few times. I was on font sites and some say that they are only for Windows. I downloaded one that was cool to see and it worked perfectly. Then again, this is a big program. Tell your friend good luck anyway.

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