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Shadoh25 07-23-2010 10:57 PM

Retrieving passwords, is it possible?
Hello Mac Forums! I'm in dire need of your help. I was wondering if it is possible to access an internet cookie to retrieve a password from it. I didn't store it in a cookie but i logged into said site with the password and i have now forgotten the password. I don't want to reset, but retrieve the old password as it might be of use to me when i try to enter older site that i've registered for. This is for MY account, this is on MY macbook, nobody else has used it. I'd really appreciate the help.

I didn't have passwords saved on my Safari. I'm running Safari 5.0 at the moment and under Keychain Access there is no passwords. Please help?

McYukon 07-23-2010 11:13 PM

Welcome to Mac-Forums! :)

I don't think that any passwords get stored in cookies, it would be way to insecure.
But you can look for yourself, in /Users/YOURS/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist open it with TextEdit.

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