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Thread: Can I return iWork?

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    Can I return iWork?
    Sorry for wasting space, I was able to find my answer (of course right after I posted my question, lol)

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    Kind of doubt it, which is true of most software, and why a great many provide free trials - including iWork, which has a 30 day free trial.

    Can't hurt to ask where you bought it though. Worst that happens, they say no.
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    And if that worst does happen, advertise here in the forums. Folk are always on the lookout for software.

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    Not sure what you paid for it...but if you decide to post it here for aware that iWork 09 is selling fairly cheaply these days. Here's an expired deal from this earlier this week for iWork 09...$29 bucks + 1 cent shipping:

    Apple iWork '09 -

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