Ok. I'm wondering whether anybody has tried to get Apple to find a way to change novice users' highly annoying mistake: misunderstanding what a compilation is.

I'm an avid audio book reader. I purchase books on cd or borrow them from the local library and rip them for iPod listening.

I figure that somewhere around 40% of those who submit to cddb think that "compilation" means "multi-disc set" - it does not. It means "multi-artist album." There is a difference, in how iTunes organizes files on disk, which is sometimes very important (e.g., when iTunes needs to be re-indexed).

Anyway, all I really want is something that makes it more likely for users to make the right choice. Maybe mutually exclusive check boxes - Compilation vs Multi-disc Set. or putting in a prompt (is this *really* a multi-artist album?) or something.

Ok, down from soapbox. I just needed to get that off my chest.