So I have spent that last couple of days search for a solution and so far, I have not found any so i thought I post it here...

I like using Mac Mail, for my 5+ email accounts (for my different companies, and one personal one) but what happens is that my nice 1TB HD in my MBP fills up real fast. (and its narrowed down to just me mail folders taking the biggest chunk)

all my accounts are with gmail using google apps so it uses google but is @mycompany.com etc, and they all have IMAP.

now I noticed that on my iPhone I have the same amount of email address but the 8GB is never filled up, because the messages are not on my iPhone they stay on the server.

so my question is can I do that for my MBP too? I know searching would be a little slower or whatever cause it has to go back to the server, but I don't really care if it will save me disk space?

any thoughts?

oh and thanks in advance!