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Thread: Any cool demos or stuff out there?

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    Any cool demos or stuff out there?
    Hey guys i remember when i had an HP it came with some games pre-installed from some company hp was paired with. Anyway are there any games i can download for mac that are free im not looking for best graphics just something fun that i can play. The games on the hp were simple so for free im only expecting basic stuff. But if you know of any site that is legit and safe with demos or free games that are legal direct me to a site if you can. Thanks
    p.s. i got snow leopard fyi :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    Thanks for that link. Lots of good stuff there. Some of it I have/knew about but there were a few I hadn't seen before.

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    PopCap Games - Home of the World's Best Free Online Games
    Play online for free - you can buy the all the popcap games available for Mac too in a Pack (Popular games include Plants vs Zombies and Bejeweled)
    PopCap Games - Mac Complete Pack

    Steam is always running specials and demos
    Featured Mac Games

    There are demos here for some games as well
    Macgamestore: Mac Games, Hardware, and More

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    Thanks a lot guys wanted to wait a little before answering to see if anyone else had any other inputs and you guys did i will check these out later woooo can't wait

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