This is regarding the compatibility with Exchange 2008, Entourage 2004/2008, and mainly the proper way to get a security certificate installed. I have done some research and found that you know that your cert is installed correctly if when you visit the HTTPS:// address you no longer get a UNAUTHORIZED warning. So that means I have installed the cert properly but I am still getting this error.

Entourage is unable to access the mail account you are using with the mail server configured for this account (It is telling me to check my account settings, but I know they are all correct, the only thing that changed was the DNS name of my exchange server)

I have also read around that Entourage 2004 is no longer supported, but 2008 is. Also that they are recommending the use of Apples Mail application appose to Entourage, because Apple has taken allot of time setting up back end Exchange side with the Mail application. I am hoping to not have to switch my entire production team to Mail. It would mean they lose all their local messages that they have received over the year. Any help would be awesome.