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    DVD Rippin' Opinions Needed...
    Hello All,

    I am tackling a task that I have been putting off for about 5 years and need some opinions. I just bought my first Apple TV and have decided to tackle the job of backing all my DVDs up. I have something like 4,500 (approximately) which is why I have been putting this off. Since the task is pretty crazy, I was willing to drop the money on some ripping software and thats where I need your opinions.

    What are the names of a few I should look at?

    I have tried Handbreak and found it to be a bit dodgy when dealing with DVDs from other regions that I have purchased while living abroad. Also, some of my movies are right protected and I believe that is giving it some issues as well. Same thing goes for RipIt, plus I think it just takes to long.

    Also, if you are really sweet, you will let me know what the best settings would be... I'm a little noob when it comes to this. Is a gig too big per file? What is the best file format for quality?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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