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    Bluetooth controller for Microsoft phones?
    I was wondering if anyone new of any apps for Microsoft Smartphone that allows me to control my iMac via bluetooth, namely with my Audiovox SMT5600.

    I was looking at Salling Clicker but my phone isn't compatible with it.

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    bump! I'm hoping someone knows about an app like this.

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    I have a question not relating to your phone sorry, but I have noticed alot of people responding to themselves with the word bump when they don't get a response... what does this mean?
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    Bumping is adding a new post to your own thread to bring it to the top of the forum thread list. The idea is that people are more likely to spot one at the top and respond.

    In a weird coincidence I spent this afternoon researching this subject myself for my PDA2K. There is nothing out there at the moment.

    Using .netCF someone could probably build a simple "send command app" then build the logic into a thick app on the Mac to set off AppleScript. At least that was the idea I had. Start with making an app that triggers arbitrary AppleScripts, then add networking code, then BT code, and finally build the pocket pc app. That would be the order I would go. Of course that would be strictly a control app, not a full featured replacement for Salling Clicker.

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