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    ChronoSync and ChronoAgent from ECon
    Hi all,

    I am thinking of buying those two products (Download Econ Technologies' Products) but i am not 100% sure if they can archive what i am looking for.
    I have a folder on my internal hard drive of my MBP that contains very important files and notes. i usually copy and paste them on my external HDD and my USB stick to have a sort a back up.
    i want to know if this software can automaticaly back up that exact folder on my external drives as soon as thay are mounted on the laptop.
    in other words am looking for a software that can fully sychronise a folder from the main hard drive to the external one (in this case a usb stick and a hard drive) in not predifined time periods but as soon as the media is connected to the laptop.

    If any of you have tested those two applications for a simmilar purpose please give me some feedback. or provide me with some alternative application that can preform the task that i am looking for.

    Thank you

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    I'm just curious about why you recommended that very software to someone else for the same purpose you want it if you're not sure it will work?
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    I m sure that it works for that purpose because it is clearly mentioned on the product description,

    Whether you work on more than one computer or need to share files with someone on another computer, ChronoSync can handle it. Work on your laptop and sync. All of your files are copied over to your desktop. When you switch back, just sync and your changed files are copied back over to your laptop

    as u can see from my post am looking for something different. i want a file sync for mounted devices that are not always connected to my machine. so the sync process will take place automaticaly as soon as the devices are mounted on the computer.

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    The answer to your question is "yes," but if you want a detailed answer, why aren't you asking Econ Technology, ie the company that makes the product?

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    just seen ur reply.. thx a lot !

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