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    Will the photo be saved into garage of iphoto?
    Will the photo that have been imported be saved into garage of iphoto?
    Or i need to save origins?

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    If you import photos into iPhoto from your camera, they will be saved in the iPhoto Library. If you have folders of photos on your hard drive, and import those into iPhoto, you will still have the folders of photos along with them being in the iPhoto Library.

    What are you asking, exactly? You question does not seem fully explained. Tell us more about exactly what you are doing, and what you want to accomplish, and we can help.

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    Oh,it's ,i wonder if iphoto could save the imported photos (In my hd) into its own gallery,i mean make a copy by iphoto and put them into iphoto's library then i can delete the original photos.

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    By default, iPhoto copies the photos you import into its own library.

    So if you had a folder of images (let's say on the desktop) and you dragged that folder into iPhoto's main window, it would import the images and you could then throw away the folder you had on the desktop.

    I hope that makes it clear.

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