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    Prevent email forwarding/printing for macs
    I am an author and regularly forward confidential copies of my work to my publisher/agent/friends. Obviously I don't want these copies leaking to the public. I searched online for a way to encrypt these email attachments and ensure that the recipient can't print, forward, or copy the attachment. I found a couple of software companies that do this, but they only seem to work for windows operating systems. Does anyone know of a security email system that would work for macs too? Thanks!

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    Your post stirred my curiosity, and a quick Google search came up with How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X - O'Reilly Media. Note that the article is six years old, and encryption and/or certification may have moved a long way in that time. S/MIME may still be in vogue, albeit updated.

    Text encryption Download Text Encrypter for Mac - Powerful text encryption program. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads is another option, but of course unintended or malicious recipients may be on to that, and simply reverse the encryption. How that might be done I have no idea!

    In the end, maybe the good old courier or postal mail is still the most secure.
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