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    Ps3 controller via bluetooth on bootcamp?
    Ive got my ps3 controller working great on snow leopard. Bluetooth connection and works great with sixtyforce (no rumble or sixaxis though).

    Im running a xp Sp2.5 ? (Very selective installs.)

    Anyways i can get the controller working no issues via usb but bluetooth is not working. Tutorials ive been reading say windows users need bluetooth 2.0 or higher otherwise use a dongle...

    Im not going to buy one for the sake of a cable, but if anyone knows how to make it work over bluetooth they would be my hero.

    On a side note what settings to use with xpadder for right stick with game like mw2 ? No matter what i try sensitivity is like playing on 10 for console

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    Oct 17, 2009
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    For those wondering, do not set the cursor to "spring" mode. That gave me all my sensitivity issues with mw2.

    Anyone know how to get the integrated bluetooth going on the bootcamp side ?

    I think its a driver issue because i can get it to see the controller but when i go to the "game controllers" in control panel nothing is listed.

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