Hi everyone - I'm a newbie so I hope I put this in the right place. Hope everyone's doing well here and look forward to meeting ya'll...

I'm authoring a DVD in DVDSP and I keep having this problem when I check discs in a dvd player (various makes).

The film has 12 chapters and extras as seperate tracks/titles.
If you use next chapter/skip forward during the film (main feature) it's fine up until chapter 12, but if you press it again on chapter 12 the next title/track on the disc (in this case a trailer) plays instead of returning back to the main menu as a professional dvd should.

I've set end jump on all titles to go to the menu and this is STILL happening.

How can I fix this? Surely it's not a limitation of DVDSP?

The disc has to be sent off for replication soon and I'm going insane here!! Plz?!!