I know Safari has a cache because I have the option to empty it. However it doesn't seem to work.

For example I do this.

1. Empty the cache
2. Load up a 2Mb animated gif.
3. Close Safari reclick on the link
4. Safari RELOADS the image.

IE and Firefox both will play the file immediately at step four (without bothering to delete any caches first)

here is the (2.5Mb) file if anyone wants to try it. www.om-atha.com/images/windy.gif (its a bird standing in a strong wind.)

As a separate issue Safari on my machine will not loop the animation. Although FF and IE both will. I can see no "Loop animation" option in the preferences.

I'm using 10.3.9 and Safari 13 (v312)

EDIT: corrected link
EDIT: the looping problem was because of a Preference in PithHelmet.