Here is what I want to do...

I have a folder with 1000+ files. I want to create a folder with a filenames, and move all files associated with that name to a newly created folder.

So. I've created a following automator workflow.

Find Finder Items
Where: a specified folder location
Whose: name - contains - XYXYX

New Folder
Where: Desktop

Move Finder Items
To: (New Path - Variable)

When I do this, it selects all files contain XYXYX in the filenames, then COPY to a folder named "XYXYX" which is created on the Desktop.

Honestly, I'm not even sure how "New Path" variable works in this Automator. But, somehow, I got this almost working the way I wanted, except that I have to input both Finder Name AND New Folder Name.

Ideally, I would just input XYXYX once, then Find / Create / Move automatically.

Can anyone help??